I know, like every other party, I’m late to this & also I know that liking “problematic things” is one of adulthoods most frustrating paradoxes (see: Roman Polanski, GIRLS, Sean Penn, Robert Crumb), but I am actually legitimately sad and confused that I like Donald Glover as the character Troy on…

Ergh, I absofuckinglutely hate Childish Gambino’s act/music.  The first time I listened to his standup I was literally shocked by the rate of jokes about hitting women to jokes not about hitting women.  Even jokes that didn’t have to be about hitting women ended up being about hitting women.  I’m actually okay with jokes “about” rape or domestic violence or whatever when done right, but his are the laziest misogynist garbage I’ve ever heard.  WHY, people.

Would you happen to have the link to the post you were referring to (with the awful comments)? I have found it difficult in this particular to find other people who are also against lazy misogynist garbage.