I had to snip it because we started talking about our jobs; should I tag it with "Chris Evans"?
me: lol i just saw this quote from chris evans and thought of you
"I like Boston girls who shit on me. Not literally."
except in your case it would be literally
Molly: ahahahhaah
by "not literally" he was referring to the boston part
not literally girls who live in boston, but ones born and who have lived near there
me: "i mean, they could be from the general area"
Molly: hahaha
"maybe they live 3 hours away now"
"but they were there in the mid to late 80s"
"you knw, hypothetically"
me: "i mean as long as they have at some point in their lives visited boston and are willing to defecate on me"
Molly: hahahhaa
LITERALLY defecate
me: sdfjhddgfgfg you have no idea how close you just came to owing me a new monitor, job, and life because i almost choked on my diet coke and had to suppress some ridiculous sounds
sounds of defecation of course
Molly: but did you literally defecate
me: literally
im sitting in my own shit right now
Molly: how are we adults
me: people are sniffing around suspiciously
Molly: what else is new
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